Gum Accacia powdered
Acacia Powder is used all over the world for its medicinal properties. It can act as ademulcent as is used to soothe skin rashes and inflammations on the body. Thus, it can be used to cure infections of internal organs like the respiratory, digestive and the urinary tracts. The quality of the product as per the I.P grade.
Gum Karaya (Powdered & Crystal)
Gum Karaya is the dried exudate of the Sterculia Urens tree. These are large bush trees that grow about 9 metres high. In order to produce the gum, the trees are tapped and exudation begins immediately and continues for several days forming irregular lumps (or tears) which may weigh up to 5 pounds. The exudate is allowed to dry on the tree and is later collected, broken, cleaned and sorted. On average, a tree can be tapped about 5 times during its lifetime. The highest quality of raw gum collected is during the hot months of April, May and June right before the monsoon. High grades are white to tan in colour, translucent and nearly free of organic matter and bark.

Its adhesive property is used in dental compounds and colostomy rings.
Acting as mucilage it is also used as a bulk laxative.

It is used as a binder, emulsifier and stabilizer.

Gum Karaya is offered as granules or in powder form. The granule size ranges from 4-8 mesh and 8-14 mesh and powder size is 160 mesh with viscosity ranging from 500-1200 cps.
Raw material receipt and analysis from pre approved suppliers
Regular analysis of in process samples
Documentation of various in process parameters for repeatability and consistency in product
Final blending and analysis before packing
Water treatment plant for treating water prior to use in the process
Separate areas for raw material storage, processing, packing and separate warehouse for finished goods stacking
Magnets installed at various stages including packing
Product contact surfaces are either stainless steel or painted with food grade paint
Pest Control Programme inside and outside of the facility
Transport qualification for finished goods transport

Gum Arabic

SOLUBILITY : Gum Arabic is truly soluble in cold water.Other gums are either insoluble in cold water or form colloidal suspensions,not true solutions.
VISCOSITY : :Gum Arabic is not very viscous it has low viscosity.
FILM-FROMING : Gum Arabic superb film-forming properties make it ideal for some confectionery coatings and lithographic plate solutions.
EMULSIFIER : Gum Arabic produces highly stable emulsions making it very useful in the preparation of oil-in-water food flavour emulsions,particularly for citrus oils.
COLOR : White ( Top quality ) to pale yellow Amber Yellow and Red .
TASTE : Gum Arabic has no off-taste. The taste of flavouring products co-spraydried with Gum Arabic as the carrier .
FIBER : Gum Arabic can be regarded as 95% "Soluble fiber" according to some of the available test methods .
CALORIC VALUE : Officially recognized in the U.S.A as being under 1 Kcal per gram . However,recent research points to values of 3-4 Kcal / gram, the value adopted by the joint
FAO/WHO Expert Committee since its inauguration . Ongoing discussion and research continues on this subject .
CHOLESTEROL : Human dietary intake studies have indicated a reduction in blood cholestrol levels when above average amounts of Gum Arabic ( 25 grams per day ) are ingested in solution .
TOXICOLOGICAL : "ADI not specfied" ( JEFCA + EEC )
STATUS : "Generally Recognized as Safe" (GRAS)
Gum Ghatti

ORIGIN: The resin is a natural exudation of the tree Anogeissus latifolia in India. The crop takes place from January to February.
DESCRIPTION: Gum Ghatti is an odourless resin of brownish-yellowish pieces with hazelnut to walnut size. After grinding the merchandise is a yellowish-brownish to white powder.
COMPONENTS: Gum Ghatti has a complicated composition. It mainly consists of arabinose, galactose, mannose, xylose and glucoronic acid.
PACKAGING: The raw material in poly bags of 50 kg net, the powder in bags or drums of 25 or 50 kg net.
APPLICATION: Mainly as emulsifying agent
Gum Char (Char Gum)
Gum edible(Edible Gum)
Gum Copal
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